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I want this!
Okay, so maybe you’ve completed these first five steps and you’re still pretty damn sure that you’re submissive or want to play that way sometimes, and you are still looking for more.

But now, you’re asking yourself:

  • How do I get more kinky play?
  • What kind of skills do I need to have or bring as a bottom?
  • How do I flirt with tops?
  • What are my next steps as a submissive?
  • … What other questions are you asking?

The Submissive Starter Kit will get you on to your next steps.

The Submissive Starter Kit includes:

  • The transcript of rife’s video
  • Select submissive journal prompts for the Bondage unit, including some of your history with bondage and rife’s video above (three pages of prompts!)
  • The full-size image of rife’s illustrated “Prioritize Your Kink” identity development roadmap
Plus, you get the submissive journal prompts to help encourage you to be more reflective and self-knowledgable on your submissive journey.

Come join me, this’ll be FUN.