TypeOnline Course
DateAug 10, 2015 - Sep 18, 2015
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The next Submissive Playground ecourse begins September, 2015

Registration opens on August 10th!

You keep searching the internet, but nobody is helping you become your own unique submissive self. Don’t you want to be a better bottom, and get more HEAT from your sex life?

SUBMISSIVE PLAYGROUND creates space for your submission to THRIVE.

Come explore safely, gain confidence, and learn to go after what you want.


Submissives who have taken out have figured out what really gets them going: More humiliation, more dirty talk, more protocol, more play, more spankings …

We explore all of these in Submissive Playground, an 8-week course made for submissive folks who want to go from unsatisfied to insatiable.

Registration opens August 10th—Check back!

Sign up for the submissive playground for an enlightening journey. You can expect to be guided on this journey by Mr. Sexsmith, an incredible experienced dominant, and a group of kinky peers. The playground will offer you a place to explore your submission, an opportunity to find areas to growth and a chance to stretch your mind. —abby

What was your favorite part of the course?
I loved the experiments and the journals. The experiments were well thought-out–easily adjustable, but still stimulating and challenging no matter one’s circumstances! -E.

The submissive journals!!! So so good. Really fantastic prompts and questions and they really helped me understand my desires SO much better. This course instigated a deepening and expanding of the awesome connection I have with my dominant. -EG

The course is structured so that one doesn’t have to be in a D/s relationship (or any relationship) for it to work, that there are great readings & videos & discussions, that the homework is both thoughtful and dirty and consequently some of the *funnest* homework anybody’s ever given me. -Kat

Mr. Sexsmith did a wonderful job of making me comfortable. I found the guidance really helpful in identifying opportunities for future growth. I love love loved my session, it was so helpful for me in a lot of ways – getting some really personal discussion and feedback was awesome. Plus it made things more real than just the online interaction. —abby

I enjoyed my individual session so much. I could see myself scheduling other sessions in the future with Sinclair or Rife. I loved the one-one-one chat, it was informal and a conversation rather than a lecture. I wasn’t embarrassed or nervous to ask all the questions I wanted to. I felt like I came out of it with a lot, a lot to think about, talk about with Daddy and explore on my own. This was one of my favorite parts of the course. —Kitty

I’d recommend Sinclair’s guidance wholeheartedly and I learned a tonne from the other people on the course, too. It’s well worth the investment of time and money. – Limnaia

This course breaks down submission into components and then busts open myths about how it is supposed to work to create space for you to find your true way to be submissive. Sure, you could read a lot of books (and you should!) but there is something about the conversation with others as you all are pondering submission that was really instructive. Meanwhile, Mr. Sexsmith pulls together an impressive list of experts to school you. After you finish, you’ll definitely be a more authentic and powerful submissive. And isn’t that what you want to be?
—Miss Piggy in SF

This class is the tits. You will likely find pieces of yourself that have been hidden for ages. You will be moved by the experiences and stories of your classmates. You will become a better, more conscious sub and human being. BUT even if you don’t reach submissive nirvana or realize life changing things about yourself (which you will) you will at the very least get more play. You’d be surprised how invested people will be in your education when your homework is a bunch of filthy, sexy stuff. This class gave me a reason to ask people to play with me which is something I’m normally very shy about. One of the most important lessons I learned is you can’t get what you don’t ask for! —Kitty